My first I Racing race

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My first I Racing race Empty My first I Racing race

Post by lake on Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:19 pm

Im still a bit lost for the moment cos im discovering the game...hmmm the simulation Wink

Anyway, yesterday i ve found how to join a race.

Its not as LFS were u can join a race when you want.

Here, you have races every xxx minutes and you can register to participate.

So, i decided to join a race on Solstice car at Lime Rock track.

Some Qualifications to determine your place on the grid.

I was on the real first try and did the 8th time on 29 drivers.

Race start, im lost on the inside car menu (times, laps to go, average times, etc...)

Anyway... green flag !!!

Everybody looks to have respect even most of them are Rookies (i ll tell you why later on an other post).

You can really feel bumps on the track, when you hit a bit the grass, dust is coming and stay on the

After straight line 2 guys going out of track.

After 6 laps , im in 2 position and try to be concentrate.

Noob as i am, i tought it was a 8 laps race, then after the 8th lap i use break to stop the car.

Suddently, i saw 3 or 4 cars overtaking me...hmmm??!!

Oops it was a 20 laps race lol....a noob

Anyway, i finish 4th and i really had pleasure to drive ( the most important thing )

I will make a post soon about my first impressions on I Racing.

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