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Post by Deutschland2007 on Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:43 am

Hi everyone!

If your wondering why I open a MoE thread, well yes we haven´t got anything to do with MoE (yet?), but I´m a big fan of this series and I expect alot from the upcoming season. And because we actually haven´t anything to do with it I put in in the public section. Smile If you don´t know that Masters of Endurance league yet then you haven´t been following LFS for long. MoE is one of the oldest and most famous LFS leagues notable for some of the longest races in LFS. A normal MoE season normally consists of four 6h races, one 12h race and one 24h race with double points. Since the 3rd season MoE races with 2 car classes. As the 3rd season was the first ever season with two-class racing it was the most amazing MoE season in history! I expected alot from the 4th season (2008/2009), but I got dissapointed. Yes there was (as ever) a full grid, but nearly all cars except for 2 were FZRs. Imagine a GTR league were 27 out of 29 cars are FZRs. Still not bad but it´s not how it should be really. This was down to having no balancing system.
However, this season I think might be somewhat diffrent. A new balancing system got enforced.

- FZR + 35 kg weight penalty

- FZR + 20 % air restriction
- XRR + 25 % air restriction
- FXR + 23 % air restriction

Season calendar:
- 12h of Kyoto Ring GP Long (with chicane layout) : October 10th
- 6h of South City Long : November 7th
- 6h of Westhill International : December 5th
- 24h of Aston Grand Prix : January 16th
- 6h of ******* : February 13th
- 6h of Kyoto National : March 13th

The track for Round 5 hasn´t been announced yet.

Accepted Teams for the 2009/2010 season:

- 01 F1RST Racing
- 02 #low-racing
- 03 nfinity eSports
- 04 spdoRacing
- 05 My3id Gaming
- 06 n1Racing
- 07 Team Inferno
- 08 CoRe Racing
- 09 Speed Core Racing Team
- 10 The Danish Racing Team
- 11 ConeDodgers Racing
- 12 Sonicrealms Racing
- 13 Conquest Racing
- 14 Warbirds Team
- 15 Alternative.AXLE3D

- 31 F1RST Racing
- 32 spdoRacing
- 33 AMT Sim Racing Team
- 34 Infinity Skills
- 35 Sonicrealms Racing
- 36 CoRe Racing
- 37 nfinity eSports
- 38 LFSLA
- 39 My3id Gaming
- 40 Team Inferno
- 41 Team Sirius
- 42 Estonian Endurance Racers
- 43 Fluid Racing
- 44 E-Team
- 45 Fast Forward Racing

MoE should be broadcasted by MultiBC again, like last season. And the those broadcasts are really professional. Good quality, downloadable replay of the broadcast. Everything you want from it, it´s got it. Smile

I really like this series and I´m looking forward to it. Hope some of you maybe too. Wink

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