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GTR2 Simulation Empty GTR2 Simulation

Post by lake on Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:34 am

I ve reinstalled GTR2.

Thats a great sim.

Graphics are not so beautifull as current games, but the sim is really good.

I will maybe try some online races.

I remember few years ago, good races with Mr Callous and other European Racing Team Wink

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GTR2 Simulation Empty Re: GTR2 Simulation

Post by Rookie41 on Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:49 am

Ah GTR. Love that game.

Sorry to bump this old thread, but there's hardly anything to do on the internet atm (LFS is just ... ugh)

A friend and myself won a GTR (yes the game) competition once on a LAN party (people who come together to play multiplayer games on a big network).

Not many people signed up for the competition so it was fairly rigged that we'd win (being to only REAL team that had 2 drivers).
Anyway the 4 of us went to qualifying...

Track was Spa-Francorchamps and we were driving Ferrari's.
I managed to steal the pole and my teammate was 3rd.
One guy retired during Qualy cause he broke his pedals.

So the race was just with the 3 of us, 10 laps of spa.
2 Ferrari's and a Dodge Viper.

I lifted during Eau Rouge (yah flatout didnt work for me then),
the viper driver panicked and my teammate rear ended him.

Great teamwork, I was flying down the track while they were trying to recover from their incident.

10 laps went by and none came close to me.
The Viper guy tried, but there was no way he was gonna catch up to me and my teammate made a pitstop so he was done too.

We finished 1 and 3, winning the competition easily and a month later we both went to Zolder for a VIP tour in the stewards room and had a quick lap around the track as passengers in a Ford safety car.

Good memories Smile
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