Sexy LXy series 2009 by MNR - Event 5

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Sexy LXy series 2009 by MNR - Event 5

Post by Rookie41 on Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:32 pm

Posting my race events in the public section from now on (for the fans) Laughing

Last night it was time for event 5 in this series, after i raced OLFSL in the morning.
Place to be was BlackWood GP ReV with the LX4.

I did not have much practice and received a decent setup about 2 hours before the race.
I took it easy during qualify ... but on my last few laps i managed to get a nice 1:26:43 and qualified 19 / 24.

Race 1 was a 10 lap sprint race:
I lifted off at the start as i have serious issues with Turn 1 and due to slight lag (no laglap here) i didn't want to crash.
A small crash in T1 made me gain some places.
I was surprisingly able to keep up with cars and ended in 21 st place (out of 25).

Race 2 was a 20 lap feature race with forced pitstop for fuel and tire(s):
I pulled over on the grid (didn't have to do much as my start was crap) and i was last in an eye blink.
Another crash in Turn 1 (even saw an LX4 fly over the wall) and i gained some places.
There seemed to be confusion and some people lifted off as the server only displayed 10 laps, instead of 20.
The admin quickly changed it and i was now driving well ahead of the last few cars.
I had a decent race (even overtook someone!, ok he did make a mistake Razz ), never crashed or lost control.
Due to people pitting in front of me i was able to drive some fast laps and make up a bit of time before i pitted (was driving 11th!).
After all the pitstops and getting overtaken by some faster cars who had finally caught up to me i finished 17th.

I was rather happy with finishing as i did not like this combo (still don't). It was well into the evening before i was able to take a proper
line thru Turn 1, god i hate that corner.

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Re: Sexy LXy series 2009 by MNR - Event 5

Post by Mauni on Tue Sep 22, 2009 6:46 am

I'm glad you enjoyed the races, Turtle1 Laughing
Grats for finishing!
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Re: Sexy LXy series 2009 by MNR - Event 5

Post by Deutschland2007 on Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:24 am

Glad to hear you had fun. Smile

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Re: Sexy LXy series 2009 by MNR - Event 5

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